Mitch and Hannah Green

We are Mitch and Hannah Green, your hosts on Smokin Reels Fishing Charters. 

We operate out of Hannafords Wharf on Te Kouma Road, 7km south of Coromandel Township. 

We offer half and full day fishing charters around the beautiful Coromandel. We cater for all fishing levels, from the beginners to the most experienced.

We are Mitch and Hannah. A young, fishing-mad married couple who are living the dream owning a fishing charter and living in the beautiful Coromandel.

We both come from fishing/boating backgrounds and have been fishing since, well, forever. Although we are only young(ish), we have lots of experience between us so don't judge us on age - we are wiser than you think. 

Mitch has worked on several commercial fishing vessels in Australia and completed his skippers ticket in Australia and transferred it over to New Zealand. 

Mitch is Australian (don't hold that against him) and Hannah is a Kiwi. We have owned a few boats over the years and not only are we fishing mad, so are our families. Hannah's parents also own a fishing charter in Coromandel and Mitch's parents have owned several commercial fishing boats in Australia. 

We would love to have you on our charter and hopefully show you some new sights, skills and offer you an awesome day out fishing. 

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We would love to have you come fishing with us. Book today or send us an email with any questions about making a booking. 


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